Ready to Ride Bikes are Here!

RTR Introductory Sale, 10 6 bikes only

Custom Bike Clearance Sale

Handmade in Portland Oregon 


Stephan Wijland climbing the Col du Galibeir on his Renovo Astoria

Renovo has made custom frames for 7 years; we've shipped many hundreds worldwide and we love making them. However, our backlogs of 100 different models, sizes, wood and component selections have proven difficult to manage, delivery times are many months and with the complexity of the entire process, just impossible to forecast.

So, we're introducing Renovo Ready-to-Ride (RTR) bikes. These are assembled from frames that are built ahead for inventory, there's no difference in ride or build quality, just delivery time.

This works because we've standardized on a popular wood selection and chosen the most popular models, sizes and component selections. Suddenly it's manageable! Frames are already in stock so you can order the frame of your choice, select the components, we'll assemble the bike and ship it in a couple of weeks. Less advil for us, sooner bike for you. Yay!

We do love building custom frames, but won't accept new custom orders until our custom backlog is reduced to our (and our customer's) comfort level. At that time we will again accept custom orders, but the prices will increase and we will limit the number of orders accepted.

RTR Intro and Year End Clearance Sale

We're offering a 20% discount on 10 only RTR bikes, your choice of components from our standard list. Also, we have some great prices on the last you'll see of any extra Custom bikes for a long time. 


Renovo has made a huge effort to increase production and reduce our backlog in 2014. We've shipped 102 custom bikes and frames plus our first two RTRs so far this year (12/18), and will ship another three customs and at least three more RTRs before the end of the year. Our custom backlog is still larger than we like, and we're still not shipping fast enough to please everyone, but the RTR program is already helping, so with continued reduction of our custom backlog we expect to begin accepting new custom orders by April or so. 

 Fresh RTR Frames