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Renovo R3 Road Frame

Renovo R3, padauk, curly maple

The R3 is a high performance scene-stealer in nature's own carbon fiber. Before the ride, this is the bike everyone checks out, every time. During the ride, its performance is as aggressive as it looks--it gives nothing to high-end bikes of unnatural carbon or other man-made materials; it climbs, descends and turns with the best. And when you get to the chip seal, this one takes better care of your butt.

But it's not for shy folks—at the coffee shop, people will gather and you will  be talking about your bike. On the trail: 'excuse me, excuse me, could you stop for a moment', or just 'sweet ride'.

Frame Weight

Frames weigh from 4.5 to 5.5 pounds, depending on size and the particular wood. Complete bikes weigh from 17 to 22 pounds depending on components and configuration.


This geometry is not quite race geometry. The handling is nimble, but the cockpit is less aggressive with a taller head tube, resulting in a more comfortable riding position.

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise noted.

Common Dimensions

Seat Angle 73°
Head Tube Angle 73°
Rake 43°
Bottom Bracket Drop 68 mm
Rear Center

412 m



Front CenterStackHT LengthTT Length


BB DropRear CenterStand Over
51 558 522 120 530 370 68 412 729
54 573 541 140 545 380 68 412 746
56 593 560 160 565 394 68 412 764
58 608 580 180 580 403 68 412 781
61 620 599 200 592 409 68 412 821